Tuesday, May 15, 2012

Decisions decisions

Well after testing out many new jars for our jams and jellies, we've decided on these two sizes-- a four ounce jar and the eight ounce. We put the size poll to our customers and it was a draw! And in a way, I like being able to offer both sizes.  The smaller four ounce jar allows our customers to try many of our fabulous flavors, and then once they get hooked on their favorite, they can always come back for more of the larger size.

We've also been offering a 'special' sale at farmers market that our regular customers are really taking advantage of. The flavor may be one of our regular line of wine or herbal jellies or it could be something new that I'm trying out.  We're always looking for new suggestions and with fresh fruit season right around the corner, you'll be surprised at some of our new summer offerings. We're at the Kennebunk Farmers Market every Saturday from 8 am - 1 pm,  and beginning May 23 you'll also find us at the Wells Farmers Market each Wednesday from 1:30pm - 5pm so stop on by for a sampling.

Vintage Garden's  'special' this weekend will be one of our newer jams-- Kennebunk 'Port' Wine Jam filled with berries, rosehips and premium Port Wine.

And for those that got to market late last weekend--we WILL have plenty of our 'Hot Pepper Jelly'  on hand again..but do get their early..it was a hot, hot seller last weekend!