Herb Garden

    Most mornings around sunup you'll find me here.. in the gardens.  For the past twenty years we had an herb farm, Cricket Corner Farm,in Amherst, NH where we raised culinary and medicinal herbs and perennials.  I then would supply local restaurants with fresh culinary herbs and free ranged eggs daily, in season.  Beginning in early February we'd fire up the greenhouse and start our plantings.  Wee little sprouts and cuttings grew there until late April or early May when they'd be moved out into the gardens.  We'd open up our farm to the public only during the month of May to sell our potted herbs and field dug medicinals.  From Spring to early Autumn we'd harvest fresh herbs for drying.  Once dried,  the bulk of our efforts either went into our Herbal Dips and Seasonings -- the rest went into my herbal soaps, herbal balms and salves.   
  Yes, I am a passionate herbal and goat milk soapmaker too.

Two years ago, we sold our beloved farm along with our flock of sheep and Nigerian dwarf goats to a lovely young couple who wanted to begin homesteading.  It broke our hearts to leave our lovely farm, but due to health reasons, it was necessary.  Now we are relocated in southern Maine, and continue to grow herbs, vegetables and perennials in our leased land gardens in Ogunquit, ME..  Gardening here in sandy soil and misty salt air along the coast of Maine has been a challenge for me, but one that I took on whole heartedly.  Here are a few shots of this past season's herb garden.  I'm already looking forward to my winter seed catalogs to arrive  :-) If you're interested in the rest of our garden you can pop on over to Mama's Giardiniera...  and read about the trials and tribulations of starting a new garden all over again. Thanks for stopping by!